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Welcome to Kofa Academy

Know Your Story. Know Your History. 


Founded on the principles of "Ko - To Go" and "Fa - To fetch, to seek and take, to acquire", as an institution of continuous learning, research, and collaboration.


We further the development of distinguished scholars, innate entrepreneurs, and investors. We are preparing future leaders for success in the real world. 

"It takes a village". "One for One". 

How to earn Kofa Coins

Coins are rewarded in multiple ways. Besides making a purchase from our marketplace, another way you can earn a coin is by accumulating 5 Kofa points. 

Five Kofa points are equivalent to one Kofa coin and $1. 

You get points by measurements of your effort and engagement on the platform. Coins are rewarded based on completing pathways, attending workshops, completing courses, and completing projects. 

The easiest way to get started on our Learn To Earn platform and earn Kofa Coins is by completing one of our courses below. Once we receive your challenge submission, we will assign points based on the effort of your completion.  After meeting and being assessed for an invitation to join Kofa Academy with one of our Directors, you will receive a Member ID to access our curriculum. These coins will make you eligible for our excursions, sponsored events, accelerator, and industry-recognized certification programs. 


When we work with purpose, anything is achievable. We look forward to you participating in the next wave of digital learning and earning.  

VR Goggles


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